Organic SEO VS Local SEO

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local organicStarting your business from scratch is tough. The increasing competition in different industries adds to the challenge. If you are entering the competition, make sure you have all the essentials to keep your business running. One efficient tool to utilise would be setting up a company website.

Launching your page online is not enough to help the business strive. You need to employ SEO services to increase its visibility and make it known to your target audience, according to Bambrick Media. SEO companies provide comprehensive assistance, saving you from time-consuming work of understanding search engine algorithms and ensure professional quality work.

Choosing the Right SEO Service

Utilising SEO services, though, is not as easy as paying experts to boost your business site. You need to work with them and choose a specific type of service appropriate for your company. Each business has its own goals and certain requirements, making tailor-made SEO services a necessity.

Basically, there two options you can choose from: either Local SEO or Organic SEO. If you are looking to look into a specific location, go Local. If you want to rely on your content for ranking, go for organic or traditional. These two have quite a difference, mainly on their scope of servicing.

Differentiating Organic from Local

Most likely, you would want to hire a Local SEO if you own a plumbing company, coffee shop, law firm, or a real estate company. These businesses usually work in a specific location only or their effectiveness is bound to their set up place – a brick-and-mortar business.

Organic SEO, on the other hand, revolves around a website. Businesses that do not have a geographical location or provide services technically anywhere in the world would instead choose this. Their target audience is not limited to a specific area and more or less delivers the same product to anywhere.

The main goal in Organic SEO is to rank as high as possible for a set of keywords, focusing more on involving link building rather than creating citations. Local SEO, meanwhile, focuses on local list results, and this can only be possible by creating citations using viable methods and approaches.
Each type of SEO service has its benefits. Prioritising your ROI through online visibility is an essential move in employing SEO services. If you find both services relatively advantageous, you can go for the two. No rule hinders you from doing so as long as you can gain huge benefits.

News Isn’t News Anymore According to Google

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news googleGoogle confirms that they have made significant changes to the Google News box that appears at the top of a search page when a user searches for information on current events. The changes allow the algorithm to include non-traditional news sites in its results, and by non-traditional they mean not news sites at all.

In Reddit News

Now, websites such as Reddit are getting a fair chance at providing current events through their unfiltered eyes. People at Google who have been receiving questions about the questionable resources are saying that their inclusion is not a mistake. Renowned industry veteran and reseller of search engine optimization services notes that the search engine giant wants to include as diverse a crowd as possible in disseminating news, and allow users to look at the opinions that are similar to or different from their own.

The differences are subtle; for example, the old news box says “News for [insert keyword].”As the new scheme has a high probability of not having informative news at all, it now says “In the news.” Google’s efforts are commendable for trying to bring in a wider source of information than what is traditionally available, but there are more than a few things that can go wrong with the new scheme.

Possible Gains, Real Dangers

The new scheme is a double-edged sword that on the one hand can usher in a new brand of responsible citizen journalism that will eliminate the so-called bias that is said to have made its way into mainstream sources. It also has the potential to bring about unprofessional opinions that will help pull journalism down deeper.

One of the ways that people might lose all respect for Google’s news pages is the fact that common users have no qualms with the liberal use of certain words as a noun, an adjective, and a verb. It’s still unclear how these changes would affect SEO in particular. Would ill-informed news affect how people regard first page results? Only time will tell what is in store for the industry after this change, but most observers fully expect the company to implement some measure of control over what can and cannot appear on their pages in due time.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Your Website Traffic

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digital marketingSo your company has a website, now what? It won’t do you much good if no one visits it. Many businesses rely on their websites as their primary marketing channel, but the truth is, it could not generate traffic on its own. You need to promote it to make people know it exists.

Social media marketing is the easiest and most effective tool to create awareness about your company. It serves as a direct line of communication between your business and the audience. Trusted online marketing agency noted that you should never forget to maintain your reputation.

Here are five tips to enhance your marketing campaign via social media:

Link to your website

The simplest, yet most important thing you should do is to include your website URL on your Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linkedln pages.

Start a blog

Make sure you can always say something in social media, as this increases the traffic to your website. A blog isn’t just for written content. You can post infographics or pictures, and embed video and slide shows.

Listen to comments

Some people post recommendations about the things they want to see. Listen to their suggestions and share a relevant link to your website that answers their inquiry.


Hashtags are popular on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use them to increase awareness of your brand, build relationships and drive people to your site. People are likely to visit it and become repeat customers.

Keep an eye on your competitor

Social media not only promotes your products and services, but it allows you to spy on your competitors. Visit their pages and know why customers like them. If they have special offers, it is usually worth launching one.

Algorithm Anxiety: Humming the Hummingbird’s Tune

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google hummingbirdOptimisation gives websites greater chances of enjoying higher rankings in search results. Higher rankings mean gaining better exposure, leading to improved conversion and return on investment. To succeed in SEO, webmasters and site owners should first familiarise themselves with Google’s algorithm and its implications.

Getting to know Google’s search algorithm involves time and effort. According to SEO companies in Perth such as, it pays to study even the basics of how Google affects your SEO efforts. In relation to that, let’s take a look at Google’s most recent algorithm update – the Hummingbird.

What is Hummingbird?

Taking after the bird’s speed and accuracy, the Hummingbird algorithm answers search queries intelligently, by combining new technology with the older features of its predecessors. Instead of focusing on keywords, Hummingbird allows the search engine to consider an entire statement. The goal is to return results that answer a question contextually and directly.

How is it different from the previous process?

Google answers search engine users by basically recognising the keywords they type in. Most people, however, do not usually search exact keywords. Instead, they type in complete sentences or questions such as “Where is the nearest flower shop?” or “Who is Adam Levine’s girlfriend?”.In addition, people now use mobile devices to search online. Hummingbird addresses these factors and enhances Google’s user-friendliness.

How it affects SEO

SEO experts dread every algorithm update that Google rolls out, concerned that it would render all their previous efforts useless and throw their hard-earned rankings outside the window. Google, on the other hand, explains that as long as a site produces original, interesting, and quality content, there is nothing to fear. Hummingbird is simply designed to understand information differently.

This means that content still matters, and websites can still use the same signals that worked for them before as these keep bringing results. Keywords are still helpful, as long as you use them reasonably and carefully. Hummingbird does not need to scare you; just provide original content, and maintain what works to improve your search engine ranking.

Bid For Energy Company: Siemens Acquires US Firm Dresser-Rand For $7.6B

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Joe Kaeser CEO of Siemens

Image from | Wikimedia Commons

Siemens announced its plans to acquire Dresser-Rand, as it now prepares a cash offer of more than $6 billion, citing sources familiar with the matter.

‘Maintain a Significant Presence’

The US oil and gas company is famous for developing compressors, turbines, and other rotating equipment.

Dresser-Rand confirmed the acquisition as it released a statement, saying Siemens “plans to operate Dresser-Rand as the company’s oil and gas business, retaining the Dresser-Rand brand name and its executive leadership team.”

“In addition, Siemens intends to maintain a significant presence in Houston, which will be the headquarters location of the oil and gas business of Siemens,” it added.

Boost Brand Presence

Industry watchers believed that if Siemens and Dresser-Rand merge became successful, the oil and gas industry would soon show improvements.

Currently, one of Siemens’ departments produces supplies equipment for companies that extract natural gas.

The deal is in line with Siemens Chief Executive Joe Kaeser’s plan to build and strengthen the company’s presence in the US energy market and gain bigger market share.

5 Basic Steps to Promote Your Dental Services Online

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electronic dentalOnce you establish your own dental practice, your next step is to improve your brand and reputation. How are you going to reach new clients? Business cards and brochures may help you get things going. Still, there are other ways to expand your network.

E-Dental Market recommends boosting online presence for increased branding to attract more clients. This is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to promote dental products and services. To help you get started, here are some tips you could use:

  • Have a plan
    Setting clear objectives can help you establish the right methods for your campaigns. Know your brand identity and focus on your vision. By now, you should also know how much you’re willing to spend for your campaigns. Be realistic with your goals and our target deadline.
  • Know your market
    Knowing your target market will help you how to develop your strategies. Find out what makes them interested and how they look for dental services. Conducting a survey and asking for their feedback can help you establish your goals.
  • Be familiar with your competitors
    Find out how many dental clinics nearby. You can easily do this by checking online listings and browsing through their website.
  • Look for an IT partner
    Look for the best service provider that will help you improve and implement your plan. Check their packages and inquire about their services. Today, there are many marketing experts offering quality services like web design, custom app and software development, and other online channels you can use to boost your online presence.
  • Monitor your progress
    The only way to find out if your campaigns are running smoothly is to monitor your progress every week. This will help you measure your strengths and weaknesses and adjust your strategies.

Promoting your brand may take some time to see the results. Make sound investments and be open to more opportunities that may come your way.

Approach for Navigation Purposes: Samsung Teams Up With Nokia to Boost Mapping Services

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Image by Daniel Koskinen | Flickr

Samsung announces its partnership with Nokia, as the South Korean tech giant plans to use Nokia’s mapping platform to improve services.

Minimize Reliance

Under the deal, the two companies will see a beta version of Nokia’s Here app on smartphones and the Gear S smartwatch.

Here is currently available to Yahoo, Amazon, and supplies map data for Microsoft’s Bing search results.

Industry watchers consider Samsung’s decision as a way to minimize its reliance on Google apps.

The move will help Samsung distinguish itself from Google and its Android operating system.

‘Confusing Experience’

Nokia’s map service currently provides information on 190 countries, including navigation and public transport data.

Some analysts understand Samsung’s decision to pursue its own operating system and move away from apps developed by the search engine company.

However, they argued that every move has its drawbacks.

“For end users it just means a confusing experience with a ridiculous amount of duplicated apps,” says Ron Amadeo on Ars Technica.