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Best-Performing Categories of Marketing Emails for the Travel Industry

There are several platforms available for digital marketing. Email marketing is, however, still one of the best-performing digital marketing platforms. Making it work for your hotel or travel agency requires having a concrete strategy and clear execution plan. Email

Why SEO is Still Effective for Marketing and Promotions

Despite the boom of social media sites, many businesses still rely on good old SEO marketing to reach their target market. True, search engine optimization tactics have been around since the advent of web browsers and may

Creative Web Design Styles for Increased Market Share

Most businesses currently own a website. Merely owning one and updating it from time to time is, however, not enough. Regularly updating its style to match your brand and target market is vital for you to remain

Why iOS is Still The Best Platform for Mobile Apps

Both large and small-scale businesses are using smartphone technology for marketing. It’s a no-brainer, really. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and spends a lot of time on it. Estimates reveal that there are roughly 2.53 billion smartphone owners

The Creative Team: The People Behind Your Ads and Marketing Campaign

Running your marketing team can be challenging, and you need help. You’ll need the insight and perspective of an outsider who knows your brand well. This is where you need an advertising agency and the brilliance of

Build a Profitable Online Presence with Two Smart Moves

Many people rush to create an online presence for their brand without addressing some crucial factors. Failing to consider these factors may only lead to wasted resources. With all indicators showing that internet marketing is the next business

5 Facts That Businesses Should Know About Social Media

Social media marketing in countries such as Singapore is vital to any business’ growth. In fact, the social media industry is expected to grow even bigger in the next couple of years. With almost millions of people around

How to Reach Your Target Audience: 4 Digital Campaigns That Went Viral

Small businesses are often at a disadvantage when it comes to getting a piece of the market share because, admittedly, not many people know them or that they even exist. This is why marketing is such an

Provide More Value to Your Customers with These Hacks

As a business owner, you should always do your best to provide as much value to your customers as possible. To a consumer, value equates to benefits against the cost, which means consumers will continuously evaluate how

Top Qualities of a Good Business Website

The first impression your website makes is vital to your business’s success. Your visitors’ experience on your site shows how effective or ineffective your brand is. It is, therefore, important to create a positive user experience. Consider the following