Start Paying Attention to SEO in 2019

Woman discussing about SEOThere is much to learn about search engine optimization even at a time when it should already be leveraged by each business to succeed. The truth is, many business owners still don’t understand how they can benefit from SEO, and that ignorance is the reason they’re not getting far.

Think you’re not impacted by SEO and you can fly under the radar but somehow still make your business successful? Think again.

SEO is More than Just Ads

Those ads and banners you see on each website are now clever enough to be displayed according to what would best trigger a response from you. But that’s not where SEO ends. The headlines you see on any given webpage are a product of content optimization services. Even the blog, copy, or caption you read is tailored to perform well and attract engagement.

SEO today is not just about traffic that machines can measure. They also consider customer engagement and they keep changing to remain relevant.

SEO is More than Just Google

Let’s say your target market is not search-dependent. Perhaps you are targeting a niche that is more referrals-based than search-based. Clients seek recommendations from their colleagues instead of using Google. They may not even use Google as a search engine at all. This may be prevalent in older generations who call their son or daughter for help or who checks a company just because their long-time friend sent them a link.

SEO still affects your brand because these customers tend to have closed groups and thrive on social media. And social media management should be part of your company’s game plan.

SEO Breaks Language Barriers

You think your non-English-speaking clients will have nothing to do with SEO? That’s where you’re wrong. Localized content is an important part of digital marketing, and when you are adopting a global copy to fit a local audience, you are using search engine optimization tactics, particularly paying attention to local search results.

When it comes to your business, it’s better to be prepared than think something doesn’t involve you. In the case of SEO, the longer you choose to remain ignorant, the bigger the losses you incur.