Saving Social: Manage Consumer Burnout on Social Media

social media post-itsOne possible reason the engagement on your Facebook page is slowly dropping is burnout. This is when your followers feel extremely tired of the content they see online. Eventually, this makes them withdraw altogether from social networking sites.

Ask experts in social media marketing services, and they’ll tell you there are lots of factors that contribute to burnout, from dispiriting news (and fake news) to lots and lots of branded content selling every product imaginable.

This is a big challenge for marketers, but all hope is not lost, of course. With the right perspective and strategy, you can overcome such a dilemma.

Taking Back Trust

If there’s one thing you should know by heart about marketing, it’s that people don’t like to be sold to. So instead of using your platform for product promotions or service freebies — making it just another hub for branded content — focus on engaging your followers.

If you’re not blatantly trying to sell to them but you’re always on their radar, you increase brand recall.

This can be as simple as answering a question about something your brand is an expert of. Perhaps you could leave a thank-you comment on their feedback.

Throwing a Different Mix

When people are withdrawing from one social site, often times, they’re not abandoning the use of social media altogether. After all, social media has already been a critical part of culture that it’s hard to break away from completely.

There’s a good chance that your target audience is going to another social platform. So, invest in other social sites, too. Instagram has enjoyed an upsurge in user usage lately. You might want to dedicate some of your marketing budget to this platform.

Perhaps you could try messaging channels, such as WhatsApp or Viber. Explore platforms based on the persona of your target audience.

Don’t let consumer burnout ruin your social media marketing efforts. Instead, let it inspire you to evaluate and re-calibrate your strategies.