Online Marketing Strategies for the Different Stages of the Travel Cycle

Digital Online MarketingThere are various stages a traveler goes through before booking a holiday with a travel agency. Having a one-size-fits-all outlook for marketing your travel packages are not going to be effective. You should tailor your online marketing campaigns to fit the different travel cycles of your client.

As such, getting an experienced online marketing company to assist you is crucial. There are different strategies companies might recommend to capture customers at the three primary cycles before they commit. Here are some of them:


All vacations start as dreams after seeing various advertisements. Boost your chances of capturing your target market by encouraging past clients to share their experience, especially when working with your agency, on social media pages. Create blog posts with ideas of new and exciting travel destinations and fun things to do during vacations.


At this point, you have convinced your potential client to take a holiday, and they’re looking online for the best possible deals. Your primary marketing objective now is to stand out and make your agency the client’s choice. Doing SEO for all your online marketing platforms, optimizing local search, and doing online reputation management will boost your chances of clinching the client at this stage.


The client has now landed on your website, and your objective is to entice them to make a reservation. Make your site simple to navigate and make your contact information visible. Ensure that your offers and discounts are included on the first page. You should also exclude unnecessary details on your booking page, as these might divert the client’s attention from closing the deal.

The travel industry is now among the most profitable. Without an excellent digital campaign, however, your agency will not benefit much from the profits in this sector. By tailoring your digital marketing campaign to the different cycles above, you’re guaranteed to get a good ROI.