Best-Performing Categories of Marketing Emails for the Travel Industry

Online Digital Marketing There are several platforms available for digital marketing. Email marketing is, however, still one of the best-performing digital marketing platforms. Making it work for your hotel or travel agency requires having a concrete strategy and clear execution plan.

Email marketing as part of today’s online marketing solutions has undergone several changes. There are now various types of emails that are guaranteed to get your business noticed and not labeled as spam mail. Here are different email types you can use for high-revenue marketing in the travel and tourism industry.

Email Digests

These are similar to email newsletters but are summarized to include the most vital information only. You can use email digests to showcase the best destinations at different times and to highlight your offers. If your client is at the planning stage of the travel cycle, you can send email digests to remind him/her to make reservations for limited offers.

Transactional Emails

These are sent to clients to confirm their booking and payment. They might be in the form of receipts, order confirmations or billing statements. With the worldwide push towards eco-sustainability, transactional emails will help you cut back on the use of paper. They also provide a reliable record of all your clients’ bookings and payments.

Behavioral Emails

These are the latest in email marketing. Behavioral emails are sent out based on your client’s personality. There are various methods now used to collect this data and personalize your emails. For the travel industry, knowing the hobbies and preferences of your clients will help you send them targeted emails about the best destinations for them.

With the above email types, you can be sure your agency or hotel will not be wasting money on email marketing. Though they might look easy to handle, these emails require expertise to present a good impression of your company. Getting an online marketing expert to help you manage them will be a smart idea.