4 Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Small Businesses

a team of digital marketersSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) involves the process of refining your site, so it attracts organic traffic. It makes sure the content of your website appeals to what your potential customers search online. This way, your website becomes highly visible on search engine results pages (SERPs) for searches related to your business.

When doing inbound marketing for your Massachusetts business, SEO is also necessary. Here are four ways to incorporate SEO into the content marketing strategy for your small business:

Do Competitor Research

Analyzing what your competitors are up to is a great way to get perspective on what products and topics your audience looks for online. This technique makes it easy for you to develop content ideas, identify backlink opportunities, and increase the chances of social shares. You can use different tools available online to perform competitor research.

Use of Long Tail keywords

Once you are aware of your competitors’ top content and keywords, it is time to get to work. According to Neil Patel, 70 percent of web traffic is earned from using long tail keywords. When developing your content strategy, draw inspiration from your competitors, find out what keywords your audience use in search queries, and focus on creating long tail keywords based on those keywords.

Invest in Content

Millions of blogs get published every day. It is, therefore, impossible to rank with mediocre content. While using appropriate keywords is great, you should also spend ample time to improve your content.

For instance, write for your target audience first and then insert the keywords you need to target. Also, since SEO is constantly changing, your content needs to be up to date to remain relevant. Update your web page content and blog regularly to make sure your readers get appropriate information. Strive for long-form content, which consists of over 1500 words, to further boost your rankings.

On-Page Optimization

With the right primary keywords, on-page SEO should be easy. Make sure to use your targeted keywords in your title, meta description, and within the first 100 words of your post. Also, use these keywords in your headings, but only in places where it is appropriate. Lastly, include the keywords in your image descriptions.

With these simple techniques, your content should rank easily. But, keep experimenting and analyzing your work, so you can identify any patterns and eventually come up with a formula that works best for you.