2018 Digital Marketing Trends: What Works Best Right Now

Man checking analytics in his laptopDigital marketing trends come and go. What worked in the past year might not work right now. The same is true for 2018’s trends. Before taking advantage of digital marketing in Dallas, TX, keep the following in mind.

Social Media is Still Valuable

Industry experts such as XXIIBrands know to never underestimate the power of social media. In the right hands and at the right time, it can increase brand awareness (and even conversions) tenfold. This is why during the first quarter of 2018, many businesses still maintain sizable social media budgets.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s never about likes and follows. The most important factors are still targetability (which people you send the message to) and measurement. How many people see the post on a daily basis? Do they share it? These are critical questions.

Try Artificial Intelligence

No, there is no high-level rocket science involved here. This heavily involves online ads and how fake traffic is everywhere. Non-human traffic (bots) are a scourge to online ads. And today, security measures such as captcha might not even be enough. This is where AI-enabled platforms come in.

It helps build an authentic and measurable audience base, avoiding the flurry of bots online. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are already using AI-based platforms to target human traffic by predicting factors such as online buying behavior.

Keep Targeting the Young

More businesses are changing to work around millennial buyer behaviors, and efforts are paying off. For young people, almost everything in life is digital and has to be on the go. Focusing on mobile is still important, as well as ‘hip’ social networking platforms.

One good strategy is using brand influencers since young people tend to gravitate toward messages from these figures. It’s like a more modern version of word of mouth marketing.

Your online marketing efforts only stand a chance in a competitive market when you keep important factors in mind. Among those factors will always be current trends, so remember to keep tabs on current and incoming trends every year.