Why Businesses’ Online Presence Should Be “Human”

Online Digital MarketingSocial media has become an integral arm of marketing. Experts in Philippine social media use, such as Online Philippines Corp., point out that it is still growing. In this regard, harnessing this growth requires building a better online presence.

Being Human

The use of bots and automated replies has long been criticized for its lack of humanness. When a follower, or any member of the general public comments on the social media conversation, a personalized answer is expected.

Social media automation is only good for automated posting, but for interaction, there is much to be desired. The autoreply messages are generic, they seem cold and are practically useless.

Social media is about a conversation where one person, company or brand can reach out to its followers and have a coherent discussion. The aim of the conversation is to have an extended interaction between the parties. Longer threads are better for the purposes of follower interaction.

Sadly, automated replies do not extend the interaction. Showing the human side of the company is important to connect with the followers or customers.

Foster Relationships

Related to creating a human face of social media, is the concept of followers. However, what a company can do with their followers is another thing. One of the best ways to drive interaction with followers is to create a relationship with them. This is usually the result of interaction and conversing with them.

This puts a “social” spin on social media. Followers would be willing participants in a conversation with their favorite influencers. Feedback is a way for a company to understand its customers. It is also a characteristic of a relationship between a brand and its followers.