How to Get Started with Video SEO

SEOA video is currently the most popular type of content that users consume online, simply because it’s easier to skim through instead of having to read written text. But as it is with written content, users either watch a video or they skip it.

However, if you market your products and business online, you need to ensure that your videos are optimized for search engines and video sharing sites, such as YouTube, to increase the chances that your target market could view them. How do you do this? Start with the basics.

Create Your Video

Your video should be relevant to your target market, clear, concise, and straight to the point. You then need to decide if you want to host it on your website or YouTube. Then you need to optimize your video for search engines and YouTube bots.

Choose Your Keywords

Choose the right keywords for your video and ensure that they sound natural. To know if Google brings up video results for the keywords you chose, simply type them in the search box and look at the results, suggests a top SEO services provider in Minnesota.

Make Sure Your Title is Catchy

Aside from making sure your title grabs the attention of your target audience, it must include your chosen keywords. Your title should sound natural and your keyword should always be in the beginning. For instance, if your keyword is “Learn to Cook Pasta”, your title should be along the lines of “Learn to Cook Pasta with These Simple Steps”.

Write a Detailed Description

YouTube bots aren’t capable of watching your video so they use the content that accompanies your video for determining what it is about. You should incorporate your keywords in the description as well to help increase your chances of ranking for them.

Don’t Forget the Tags

When including tags, use keywords and phrases you want to rank for and let bots choose which category to put it in. Additionally, figure out the search terms of your target audience, so you could use them as extra tags.

While all these might seem time-consuming and complex for first-timers, keep in mind that you simply need to do it because more people are giving up their television screens for YouTube and other video sites.