3 Questions to Ask Your Prospective SEO Consultant

man touching red block with SEO written on itMany businesses today have a website to extend their reach well beyond their locality to reach a more global audience. Key to success when it comes to sites is being able to beat the competition in the search engines.

This is a matter of getting the right keywords integrated into your website as well as the optimization of your website itself. To do that, you need to hire an expert SEO consultant in Utah.

Here are three key questions you need answered.

What are your success stories?

Naturally, you want to hire a consultant who is a certified expert. Many will try to blind you by throwing around fancy terms and even making a whole lot of promises. At the end of the day, though, it’s all about the actual results.

Make sure to have them show you samples of companies that they have helped bring to success and demonstrate the truth of their excellence in terms of searchability. The very best ones are more than happy to do this for you to ensure you know what you’re in for.

How will you optimize my website?

This is a great way to test the actual plan they are going to execute for you. Don’t be fooled by anything subjective or hypothetical. The best SEO consultant will walk you through a concrete plan with an estimate of what numbers that you can expect from their optimization of your site.

This is usually the question that helps you delve deeper into their experiences and their expertise. If possible, ask for a very basic plan that they want to make for you. A little test goes a long way.

Are you going to make me number one?

As much as you want to be on top, the truth is that this is very difficult to achieve. If your prospective consultant’s plan promises you the top spot, be very cautious. Those that do aren’t realistic and won’t be good for you.

The better option is to go for one that doesn’t promise you top spot – rather they should focus on the bottom line: generating sales and conversions. These might not sound all too exciting but will almost always produce the best results.