Ways to Leverage Domain Names for Marketing

hand pressing on a search barYou’ll need all the strategies you can use to move up search results pages and gain the upper hand against your stiffest competitors. One of the ways to achieve these is to use multiple domain names. This approach diversifies your marketing efforts and allows you to reach specific markets that are likely to convert.

Third Stage Marketing and other Denver-based SEO companies cite the following ways you can leverage domain names.

Targeted campaigns

If you plan to launch a marketing campaign that has specific goals, you can make a separate domain name for it. This allows you to target a specific group of people with certain interests, inclinations, gender or age within your market. The new domain can be for loyalty programs, special events, giveaways or others that may funnel your intended audience further down the purchasing funnel. This approach provides you with advantages such as:

  • A different landing page that has customized content for a particular audience;
  • Allows you to get creative in developing the layout and content; and
  • Easily monitor the results.

Specific products and services

If your company has multiple products and services, using different domain names for each is an effective marketing strategy. This allows your team to focus on one message and strengthen the branding of a certain page. This enables you to find potential customers or clients that need a just a bit more convincing or are already convinced about taking action, whether it is to buy or at least sign-up.

Branding distinction

If you want to distinguish a partner or another aspect of your business, creating domain names is an option. You can get creative with the landing pages you publish. The URL could be a place, a season, an exact location or a specific campaign. A catchy name keeps your brand atop the minds of consumers and allows you to filter customers based on how far along they are through the purchasing funnel.

These are some of the effective strategies on how to use domain names. Implement these to get the results you want and improve your company’s branding.