Top Ways to Check Your Site’s Link Profile

SEO digital marketingYour link profile plays an important role in the success of your website. The more quality links that go to your pages, the higher your ranking will be. You’ll have to check your profile regularly to get the results you want; just one under-performing link may affect your entire site’s position on search results.

Experts on SEO services in Sarasota cite some of the most effective ways to check your profile.

Domain Authority

Link building hasn’t died like how some people make it seem; it has evolved and now focuses on quality over quantity. Review your web pages and the websites they link to; identify the sources and determine if these still have high domain authority or relevant to your niche. You can always change the link to suit your needs and gain an advantage in your industry.

However, the link with the highest domain authority isn’t enough. Diverse links from different sources boost your ranking. Guest posts, referral sites, and directories within your niche are still viable options to diversify your profile.

Anchor Text

Search engines have changed their algorithms to reduce keyword stuffing and have implemented rules that sanction websites that violate the guidelines. Google and other search engines want sites to have a diverse set of anchor texts and reward those that do so. Mix the phrases you use as anchors, be it exact match, brand name, or long tail. Change the keywords on certain pages or use the newer ones in newly-published blog posts or websites.

Links’ Freshness

Just like content, the value of a link diminishes over time. Even if that referral comes from a site with high domain authority, it may not deliver the results it used to give several years ago. Updating the links to and from your pages keeps them indexed and improves their page rank. Regular updates or even rewrites and re-linking keeps an appearance of freshness in the eyes of search engines.

These are some of the ways that enable you to review your link profiles effectively. A regular evaluation allows you to make improvements that positively affect your search rankings. You can do this with the help of a reputable and experienced digital marketing agency.