Advertising Strategies to Attract Clients at Various Stages of the Digital Marketing Funnel

People planning marketing strategyDigital advertising is the buzzword in current marketing circles. Digital marketing has cut-throat competition and being the best is essential. Efficient marketing on digital platforms recognizes that clients go through various stages before making a purchase.

The online marketing funnel is a framework used to define online customers over different stages. Using this funnel, an advertising agency in Jupiter, FL, will advise you on the best methods to reach your clients. Here are some of the strategies for various buying stages.

Top of the Funnel

These are the clients who know nothing about your product and do not know they need it. At this stage, your marketing efforts should aim at creating awareness and encourage clients to move further down the channel.

The two most effective marketing strategies at this stage are PPC display ads and social media. You should first define your target market so that you use the ideal social media platform for it.

Middle of the Funnel

This is intended for the clients who know they need something and are researching on the ideal product to meet their needs.

To reach these clients, your marketing efforts should aim to build your authority as the superior choice and draw the clients to your website. The best marketing platforms at this point are video marketing, PPC search ads, email marketing and SEO.

Bottom of the Funnel

At this stage, your primary aim is to convert the client into a paying customer. All strategies at this point should encourage them to take action. SEO and PPC are the ideal platforms at this stage, but they should prominently feature call-to-action and add-to-cart buttons.

Digital marketing is inexpensive, and it is tempting to take it for granted. The returns from this platform, however, are substantial and hence diligence is required for its efficiency. By targeting your efforts to the appropriate funnel above, you are sure to gain visibility in appropriate markets and ultimately reap a handsome ROI.