International Companies Need International SEO Too

Businessman touching SEO overlayEven small businesses in the United States can become international companies or brands through the Internet. The Internet encompasses the globe, and a small U.S. company, through their website or some other platform, can easily provide products or services to a person in, for example, India or Asia.

For all this reach, however, any company in the U.S. has to learn a different kind of search engine optimization that governs such international operations online.

International SEO Like Local SEO

Now, before you recoil at the existence of a different kind of SEO, international SEO actually has similarities with localized SEO. International SEO simply means SEO designed to target online users belonging to non-U.S. countries.

Even if you simply target online users who live in Canada, the U.K., or Australia, despite sharing the same language, you will still be using international SEO.

SEO Geared towards International Audiences

International SEO then helps you leverage the cultural nuances of other nations for the benefit of your marketing. Australians will only understand your marketing campaign, for example, when you use terms and quirks that Australians have.

With this, how do you do international SEO? What do you need to ask agencies offering digital marketing services to help your global marketing?

Geotarget Your Website

First off, if your industry or field demands it, you can geotarget your website using different domain names. For instance, you have your U.S. website, but you can also have a U.K. version of your website. U.K. users can then come to know your company through your U.K. site.

Research Your International Audience

Aside from geotargeting, you can also conduct research on international languages or English dialects. Find a native speaker who can teach you the quirks of their language or dialect and show you the cultural tropes of their native country.

From this research, you can target the right keywords and create the right content for your international audience.

Geotargeting and research count only among the first steps you need to take to practice international SEO. With the help of digital marketing agency services, however, you can confidently present your company to the world.