Creative Web Design Styles for Increased Market Share

man working in front of a computer with the word web design on the monitorMost businesses currently own a website. Merely owning one and updating it from time to time is, however, not enough. Regularly updating its style to match your brand and target market is vital for you to remain relevant in the ever-changing online marketing world.

You can change your website’s style with the guidance of a web design company in Worcester. The style you adopt should still efficiently get your message across and support your brand. Here are some of the creative styles you could use.

Illustrative Design

This style uses cartoons and illustrations to bring your website to life. Using drawings to get your message across is among the most playful and creative ways you can present your message.

There is no limitation to how you can use illustrations and cartoons on your site. You can also integrate the drawings into your icons to further personalize your site.

Minimalist Style

The minimalism concept eliminates all non-essential features and forms. This erases all distractions, which would otherwise take focus away from your intended message.

The minimalist style is currently one of the trendiest design styles that can showcase the most essential aspects of your business. Most websites use two-tone colors to create this design.


You should aim to captivate your audience at first glance. Using relevant and effective typography is one way you can create a lasting first impression. Creative typography designs are a core design principle, which can make or break your site.

Though some may argue that typography slows your pages’ loading times, you could solve this by matching your typography with the resolution of various devices.

There is no reason for you to stick with one of the styles mentioned here. You may always merge some or all of them and come up with a website that is uniquely on-brand. With a web design company focused on growing your brand, you will not go wrong with any style you choose.