The Creative Team: The People Behind Your Ads and Marketing Campaign

Team having a meeting Running your marketing team can be challenging, and you need help. You’ll need the insight and perspective of an outsider who knows your brand well. This is where you need an advertising agency and the brilliance of its people.

Working with a company that offers creative services in Melbourne will help you come up with memorable campaigns and get consumer insight. It’s an investment worth taking, especially if you’re running a major campaign. Before you choose to work with them, it pays to know the team that will serve as your department’s extension.

Below are the key people you’re going to work with:


The copywriter, obviously, is the wordsmith of the team. They create the taglines, sales copy, and slogan. They’re concept-based creatives that specialise in words. If there’s a digital requirement, they create the copy for websites and social media pages. They also write blogs on behalf of their clients.

Art Director

The art director is also a concept-based creative person who specialises in the look and visualisation of the campaign’s concept. They’re responsible for creating the key visual of the campaign from which other materials, such as billboards and posters, will be derived. In a few occasions, the art director also crafts the storyboard of a film material.

Creative Director

The copywriter and the art director both report to the creative director. The creative director oversees the whole campaign. They approve what the copywriter and the art director have come up with. They also lead brainstorming and ensure that the direction of the campaign is in line with strategy.

Knowing your creative team will help you create a harmonious working relationship with them. It will also be worth it if you and your marketing team are familiar with your agency’s processes.