Strong Social Media Presence Will Always Be Good For Business

Social networking conceptTo get a piece of the pie in their respective industries, startups, small, and medium-sized companies should establish their social media presence. Posting on social media is way less expensive and has a better chance to engage audience compared to advertising through traditional channels.

But it’s not as simple as posting just anything that comes to mind. Content should be well-designed to attract and hold people’s attention, and for search engines to easily find and include them in their search list. It is, therefore, better to get help from experts like an Ottawa SEO company like that could help in connecting to the target market.

Everything starts with a social media marketing plan that will guide you on your digital journey to reach more people. It might seem overwhelming at first, but focusing on what you want to achieve and the social media channel you want to use for that end are the most important things to keep in mind first. The rest should fall into place.

You should also be aware of current trends that are shaping social media, whether it be people’s preference for videos over text content or that they believe in and relate more to lesser known brand endorsers, as these will tell you what you need to do to make your online marketing campaign a success.

To give you an idea of what excellent social media presence looks like and how to maintain an awesome social relationship with your target audience, here are a few companies who have gotten the memo, so to speak:

General Electric

It may be considered an old-timey, being 123-years-old, but GE is very much in tune with the times, with more than 1.7 million Facebook likes and 430,000 Twitter followers. It regularly posts interactive challenges such as the #6SecondScience Fair that asked the audience how much science they can fit into six seconds. GE received more than 500 videos from the public.


Consistently releasing funny and interesting posts and tweets over the years like their “Dunk in the Dark” during the Super Bowl blackout that was quickly retweeted 13,000 times, the brand has managed to build a strong and loyal following.


Not resting on their laurels as the ultimate e-commerce company, Amazon heavily uses Twitter to get immediate conversions. Items can be sent directly from Twitter when users respond to product tweets using the #AmazonCart hashtag.


The camera company takes great advantage of user-generated content, practically letting their audience promote their brand. Believe it or not, 6,000 videos or more have been uploaded to YouTube that is tagged “GoPro everyday.” They also have 3.2 million subscribers there.


This video-streaming company takes pride in knowing their audience pretty well, making use of geo-targeting for their Facebook Pages so they can provide specific contents for each geographical region. The result is content that resonates well with their target audience. And yes, they also own the term “Netflix and Chill.”

These are already big companies, but their social media campaigns are really simple and can serve as inspiration for startups and small companies. As they consistently show, everything starts with a great idea.