New Shop on the Block: What You Need to Get Customers

Man pouring coffeeMove over, Starbucks. People are willing to try different coffee options to find one that fits their needs. If you happen to be an entrepreneur in Utah with interest in coffee shops, you’re on the right track. All that’s left now is to focus on something unique–something that will beat the Starbucks empire.

Here’s what you should focus on:

Social Media

Those who are willing to try different coffee shops around Utah would look at their Instagram feed for options. An article or two featuring your shop wouldn’t hurt. The idea is to get as much attention as possible, so set up your social media accounts and use hashtags wisely. If you’re located in Salt Lake City, use hashtags that are specific to the place, as well. You’ll also want experts in web design for a professional website that tells the story of your shop.

Good Coffee

Why would people ditch their coffee for yours if you’re offering nothing good? Serving a mediocre cup will hurt you twice as much as it would if it came from Starbucks; Starbucks at least has its name already minted into every coffee drinker’s mind. So far, you have nothing, and to add something negative to that means you’ll have to work harder to recover. Work on consistency, and train your baristas to create the perfect cup for every customer.


Coffee shops became more popular as the gig economy boomed. This means your clients are not just coffee drinkers who need their morning brew on their way to work. You’ll also cater to freelancers and students needing a place to study their lessons. Offering free Wi-fi or power outlets can improve your viability as a hangout spot for them. Cozy chairs and good music wouldn’t hurt either.

You don’t have to displace Starbucks just to get customers. What you can focus on instead is offering quality coffee in an environment that makes your customers feel at ease.