Why Australian Retailers Need to Use Online Marketing Now More Than Ever

A digital marketing teamRetailers in Australia need to be familiar with digital marketing more than ever. Consumer sales would amount to almost $18 billion between December 26, 2017 and January 15, 2018. This is according to the Australian Retailers Association (ARA).

Russell Zimmerman, ARA executive director, said that online retail would serve as the main catalyst for the estimated 3 per cent growth in transactions. In 2016, post-Christmas sales amounted to $17.4 billion.

Tech Expertise

While there is a need to adopt more digital marketing techniques, the prevalence of these tools makes it quite easy for retailers to choose their preferred options. One of them involves search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEOServices.com.au notes that a partnership with an SEO reseller in Australia, for instance, could save you time and money since you no longer need to develop and brainstorm a certain strategy.

Zimmerman advised retailers to consider these new technologies, as online retail already accounts for over seven per cent of overall sales. This particularly applies to retailers in New South Wales and Victoria, where experts expect sales during the post-Christmas period to grow the most.

Regional Markets

ARA expects sales in New South Wales to increase 4.2 per cent to $5.83 billion, while those in Victoria will climb 3.3 per cent to $4.53 billion. Much of the increase in retail sales stem from Boxing Day purchases, especially in New South Wales, according to Zimmerman.

The state approved legislation in September 2017 that allowed all retailers in regional and suburban areas to open for business on December 26. Before the new law, the state required shops outside the central business district of Sydney to trade on Boxing Day.

Traditional stores in Australia will still be a relevant choice for shoppers. But, the increasing popularity of e-commerce means that businesses should look into the possibility of catering to online shoppers.