How to Reach Your Target Audience: 4 Digital Campaigns That Went Viral

Online marketing on laptop screenSmall businesses are often at a disadvantage when it comes to getting a piece of the market share because, admittedly, not many people know them or that they even exist. This is why marketing is such an important tool for growing a business. Reaching more people to let them know about your product or service may be half the battle won.

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For some inspiration on how to go about your online marketing campaign the right way, here are some of the most impactful digital campaigns of the previous year.

 “The Truth is Hard” – New York Times

Using TV, print, outdoor, social, and direct email marketing as platforms, this campaign takes on the fake news phenomenon, as well as President Trump’s “alternative facts” to get the message across about people losing faith in knowing the truth. Its 30-second TV ad aired during the Oscars in 2017 got more than 15 million views and made a lot of people think hard about the current reality.

“Open Your World” – Heineken

Eight days after its launch on Facebook, the campaign got 3 million views and was shared more than 50,000 times in its first month. The video shows people of different political views joined in team-building activities (without each one knowing the viewpoint of the other). In the end, when their beliefs were revealed, they still chose to discuss their differences—proof that people can still get along even in trying times.

“Timely”- Airbnb

A direct result of Trump’s travel ban, the video was shown on TV during the Super Bowl, with its message of full acceptance of people no matter where they come from. By taking a definite stand on a controversial issue, Airbnb gained a positive view from consumers. The video got almost 5 million views on YouTube on its first month alone and 100,000 views on Instagram.

“Know Your Lemons” – Worldwide Breast Cancer

Reaching 7.3 million people in just three posts on Facebook, the advertorial used lemons that showed different symptoms of breast cancer. Not only did it skirt the ticklish issue of censorship, the humorous campaign helped women to get over their fears of checking their breasts for those telltale signs.

While it’s true that big companies did these campaigns, it’s not the size of the organizations that made them such a success, but the ideas that they put forth, which captured the imagination of the audience and caused them to act.