Three Digital Marketing Industry Challenges You Need to Overcome

A Businessman Holding a Digital Representation of Digital Marketing with All its Prowess and PotentialsThe digital marketing industry in 2017 is in a state of rapid growth, which means now is a good time as any to take on a digital marketing franchise opportunity.  A franchise gives you a turnkey business, saving you from the difficulties of developing the services and acquiring clients. And it allows you to get in on a lucrative industry.

But that doesn’t mean the business isn’t without its challenges. Like any industry, the digital marketing landscape can struggle with certain practices. Here are three you need to look into:

1. Converting Data into Insight

In the digital marketing industry, data is a necessity. But that comes with the knowledge and skill to convert data into insights that are digestible and useful for your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, that is the struggle of most marketers. Consider the 40% of digital marketers who couldn’t convert their data into actionable insights.

The main idea here is to not simply focus your attention on data collection. Once you obtain the data you need for your marketing campaign, think about how the data will affect your digital marketing strategy and whether its application will be effective or even relevant for a client.

2. Focusing on Alignment

A Digital Marketing Expert Explaining the Process of SEO or Digital Marketing to Partners and Teammates

Alignment is how you streamline everything at your disposal. How you view your customers, data and insights, media and marketing strategies, all of this is essential to making sure your business and your client work toward the same goals.

Ensure that there is alignment around the focus of your business, marketing strategies, and what you want to achieve. And you’ll be able to secure more results for your clients.

3. Securing Customer Satisfaction

The goal of any digital marketing business is to generate leads and convert them into paying customers, but it doesn’t end there. Customer retention in this industry is hard, especially when you consider that 36% of clients are unsatisfied with their marketing agency’s service.

Securing customer satisfaction begins when you know what they want. And you can achieve this by converting data into actionable insights and by aligning these insights into your marketing strategy.

The digital marketing industry will continue to grow in the future. With growth, though, comes both the good (opportunities) and the bad (competition). The key to maximizing opportunities is to recognize the challenges that can prevent your digital marketing franchise from performing better. Once you know what could get in your way, you’ll be on the road to success