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Building Your Online Brand Authority Through Blogging

Online branding is essential for all digital marketing efforts. It helps your brand gain online popularity. Building a brand authority propels online marketing by helping your business establish a respected and recognized presence. Building brand authority is not

Three Digital Marketing Industry Challenges You Need to Overcome

The digital marketing industry in 2017 is in a state of rapid growth, which means now is a good time as any to take on a digital marketing franchise opportunity.  A franchise gives you a turnkey business,

Types of Animations Used in Web Design

The days when webpage designs were straight-laced are long gone. More and more websites are using animations to encourage user interaction and improve their user’s experience. Using animations does not, however, mean throwing some elements and hoping

How Can Online Reputation Management Help Your Business?

As a business owner, you’ve probably had your fair share of positive and negative feedback. Negative reviews, when left unchecked, could seriously damage the reputation of your business and could result in loss of sale. This is

The Success of Your SEM Campaign Lies on These Factors

New Jersey is more than just the state with the most number of diners (hence, the nickname “Diner Capital of the World”) and shopping malls; it is where you will find the country’s most active Internet users

Business Gains from Marketing Automation Services

Most businesses try hard to handle their own automated marketing tools, without any success. With just too much to handle in the day to day, there is not enough time and expertise to deal with your marketing