Using Videos to Boost Your Company’s SEO Ranking

Checking SEO analyticsWhile one of the main building blocks of an effective SEO strategy is content, many companies are underutilizing a particular type of content: online videos.  When correctly used, videos can be a compelling kind of content and significantly contribute to your strategy in many ways. You should first get a professional video producer to ensure you generate a healthy return on investment (ROI). Here are more tips when using videos for your Search Engine Optimization in Minnesota.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

The primary purpose of using videos for search engine optimization in Minnesota is building links and generating social media shares of your videos. To achieve this, ensure your video is easy to navigate and be linked to individual pages for video playback. Have different landing pages for each video. Doing this allows search engines to locate and index every video separately.

Use Transcriptions for Content, Usability, and Indexing

Use of transcriptions will have a significant influence on search engine ranking. To unlock your video content, add transcriptions of the video into the HTML of every page where the video is hosted. The transcriptions will provide the richness of keywords needed by a search engine and allow your clients to “read” the video if they cannot listen to it.

Host the Video on Your Business Website

Hosting the video on your company site as opposed to Vimeo and YouTube will get more users to link to your domain. You aim to use a video platform which builds your video’s sitemap on a subdivision of a domain found on your website. Include links to landing pages in each video sitemap to boost your SEO ranking. You should use interactive elements for your videos like quizzes, forms, surveys and in-video links to bond with your viewers. Doing this will ultimately increase not only online traffic but also your conversions. Partnering with an SEO expert well versed with quality video production will see you get to the top of search engines.