Why Your Next Website Needs to Be as Fast as It Is Attractive

Man working on his website speedA good website might be all you need to establish your brand and reach out to more customers via the internet. That’s 2017 general knowledge. What this widely accepted idea doesn’t explain is that you need traffic to put your name out there. Your website designer might tell you that the key is search engine optimization and social media marketing. However, the very refined know the role of sound design in any form of online marketing and brand building.

One of the most important things your website design in Utah should focus on right now is website loading speeds.

Speed Matters to Visitors and Search Engines

Back in 2010, Google, the leading search engine announced that it would begin using site load speed as a ranking factor. Ranking factors are what tell a search engine whether your website is fit for search results or not. The better your score, the higher you rank, and hence, the more traffic you push into your sales funnel.

Apart from ranking higher, a snappy website would be a delight to your visitors. Think about it. How many times have you hit the back button just because a website took too long to load? Nobody will give a sluggish website a second chance. They’ll just move on the next one. The best shot at some hint of success lies in developing a good-looking website that also loads fast.

Balance Between Looks and Speed Will Drive Traffic

A lot of times, developers have to make trade-offs between bulky images, fonts or design principles and loading speeds. If you find a creative and experienced developer, you will get a website that is as fast as it is practical and attractive.

The trick to run past the tons of websites struggling to get traffic lies in having a very good website in the first place. It is the role of your web designer to ensure that they develop a website that is fast to load, looks good, and provides a pleasant user experience.