Trending Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels

Front desk of hotelThose in the hotel industry are well acquainted with the importance of proper digital marketing strategies for hotels. In a competitive industry, you not only want to implement a few tested strategies but also ensure that your plans are in line with the current trends. Below are four trending strategies that you should be implementing now!

Mobile Marketing

Statistics show that nearly 70% of citizens who live an average lifestyle have at least one mobile device. Most people prefer checking out deals and bargains through their mobile devices. So your business should focus on digital marketing and focus on a market that is constantly on the move. You should provide them with reliable information they could access that is accessible via mobile phones, laptops and tablets that could promote better rank positioning in Google, increase brand awareness, and increased sales. Here are some of the popular ways you could promote your hotel business.

Tripadvisor Ranking

An app such as TripAdvisorbot is accessible via Facebook Messenger. It provides travel advisories that are closely related to TripAdvisor rankings for restaurants, hotels and entertainment activities. TripAdvisor allows guests to rate their experiences within various hotels in actual time. Consequently, having a consistent flow of reviews will give you a top ranking within the platform and ensure that those using TripAdvisorbot and Facebook Messenger, in particular, can get hints about what you can offer and the quality of the stay you can promise them.

Paid Advertising

Through paid advertising, you can drastically increase your organic traffic. Good content and a proper site are currently not enough because competitors within the hotel industry consistently boost their SEO tactics and explore new digital marketing strategies. Paid advertising assists in promoting your business and improving your ROI. Ensure that you target relevant audiences who have the potential of turning into actual customers.

If you are considering digital marketing for hotels, find professionals who are knowledgeable about the changes within the industry. Competent specialists could create a user-friendly app for your hotel to further entice potential clients. They could also implement strategies to assist your targeting, automation, and personalization efforts when building the app.