Inbound Marketing: The Links that Matter

Man working on an inbound marketing strategy on a computerYou’ll amass a good number of links to your website through your link building efforts and inbound marketing strategies. Not all of these links will contribute to web traffic, however. If you’re trying to improve site authority, you want more links from reputable sites–those whose link juice will enhance yours in the process.

Here are some examples of places you want to get links from:

Search Engine Results Page

Google is where most of your clients look for a brand, product, or service. When they type in a keyword, Google’s search engine returns links that are relevant to the search, as determined by Google’s algorithm. You want to build your SEO to rank organically in these results, but at the same time, you also want to bid for the right keywords to increases the chances of potential clients checking your website. PPC marketing gives you the opportunity to be on the first page of Google, where most of the clicks come from.

Trusted Resources

When they’re not searching through Google, people are searching for resources they already trust. Government sites, for example, are a good place to get links from because they will not just link to anyone. Trade magazines and big-name websites are also excellent sources of inbound links. To get a link from them, make sure the information you provide is verifiable and factual.

Local Communities

Where else would residents of Denver turn to for information? There are local news channels and websites, and these have corresponding social media profiles, as well. You’ll benefit from a link from any of those channels. Even if social media links don’t necessarily mean valuable links, they still expose your brand to a big audience, most of whom are local.

When it comes to links, quality matters more than quantity. Choose high-value links over spam links any day.