Identifying Google’s Top Ranking Factors

Google search results pageAre you wondering why your websites no longer rank as high as they used to? Search engines change their algorithms and ranking factors regularly to keep owners honest. You may have overlooked or failed to update a factor or two, thus the lower results rank.

An expert from CT on SEO cites the following factors to look into to improve your ranking and reach your target markets effectively.

Content Reigns Supreme

Regardless of what year it probably is, content will still be one of the most important ranking factors of search engines, especially Google. One of the trends of the past year is the gradual shifting away from keywords-focused pieces and going to a topic-based piece. A search engine now values posts that are relevant, naturally written with the reader in mind and comprehensiveness. A post that is close to or even more than a thousand words will most likely rank higher than a shorter one that broadly talks about a certain topic.

Links Still Matter

Links still play an integral role in ranking websites; Google and other search engines have developed a system that weeds out bad links and only validate the good ones. More links get the better page results, but only if they are from reliable, relevant and authoritative sites. Shares on social media platforms, guest posting, mentions from experts and industry leaders, and others boost your reputation and link juice.

User Experience

Site speed and mobile-friendliness are important to not just visitors, but also search engines that rank websites. Google expects it to load within two seconds and uses this as an important ranking factor. The slower your pages load, the higher your bounce rate will be. Your site needs to be mobile friendly to rank in that medium; optimize for smartphones and tablets to reach a wider audience and boost results ranking.

These factors affect where your website lands on a results page, whether it is atop the first one or buried on the fourth page. Identify these and make the improvements to beat the competition and reach your intended markets.