These Ideas Improve Your Landing Pages

Businessmen on meeting related to site design and contentAre you looking for ways to boost your website’s efficiency and conversion rate? One way to do so is to improve landing pages. The latter makes the first or even lasting impression on your intended audience. It also provides you with the opportunity to close a deal and make a sale.

Viper Online, an expert on search engine marketing from Perth cites the following ways you can improve this aspect of your website.

Short and Sweet Copy

Many visitors don’t bother reading the entire page or article, they scan quickly, and look for bits and pieces they find interesting or important to them. If they don’t identify any of these, they will close the tab and look elsewhere.

To grab the attention of your intended audience; keep the text short and sweet; highlight or put important details in bullet points and lists. Reduce or eliminate long paragraphs and say what you need to say in short phrases. The page must have a headline and sub-headline; these provide the context to what the content is all about.

Focus on Something

The landing page must have a particular reason for being; narrow down its use to an individual need or want of your intended audience. This allows you to guide them towards actions and responses that you want, or at least lead them further down the buying funnel.

The page must be about just one call-to-action, one particular service or product, or certain information about your brand. This eliminates or reduces confusion about what you do and who you are as a company.

Faster Speed

The shorter attention spans mean you need to grab a person’s attention within a few seconds. The faster the load speed of your page is, the better its conversion rate will be.

These practices allow you to improve the efficiency and conversion rate of your landing pages, and attract more customers. This particular page is an important part of your campaign because it makes the first impression on your intended audience.