Beat The Summer Heat With 2 Highly Effective Steps

Man cooling his neck with cold water plastic bottlesWhile you might appreciate the warmth that the summer period brings, the heat can get a tad unbearable. Trying to catch some shut-eye in an unbearably hot room can be a traumatic experience. Excessive sweating has you practically glued to your sheets in the confines of your hot and sticky bedroom.

It only gets worse if, for any reasons, you can’t afford to have the AC unit running through the night. Luckily, you can beat the summer heat with a little bit of creativity.

Bolt out the sun

It is such a beautiful experience to wake up to the sight of golden sun rays streaming into your bedroom. It gives the room a pleasant glow, giving your morning a magical feel. Of course, they something mystical about the early morning rays. Even the doctors recommend that you catch some of those rays as they have health benefits. The trick here is allowing only the right amount of rays into the house without turning it into an oven later.

Luckily, automatic window blinds enable you to complete such a feat with relative ease. With a touch of a button, even on your smartphone, you can open or close the blinds. Better yet, you get to program them to open and close at the most convenient times to suit your needs.

Plant a couple of trees

The best shading solutions are timeless, and trees are ahead of that pack. Shade trees will let in the sun to make your winters less dreary, and the leaves will keep the hot summer rays ways from the house Just be sure to get the right species and plant them in the right positions.

For the best results, make sure your trees are not more than 40 feet from the house on the south side or more than 60 feet if planting on the west side. Evergreen magnolia and Pyrus calleyrana make excellent shade tree species.

The sweltering summer heat can make your life miserable, especially if you cannot afford to run the AC unit. Luckily, by bolting the sun and having choice trees in the yard, you can keep your home naturally cool all through summer.