‘Content Is King’: The Motto For Your Online Business

Content in word mapThey say ‘content is king’ in SEO but what does it really mean? Does it mean that you can write a 1000-word blog, spin it a million times, and keep on rephrasing the sentences to create a hundred more posts that otherwise have irrelevant content? Surely Google will love that—not! This is a classic case of spamming and you may face a ban for doing it. Publish meaningful content instead, and you might need the help of quality content writing services.

Create Meaningful And Relevant Content

When creating content for your website, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the purpose of your content and for whom it is intended. People may land on your page, but the question is: will they pay attention to your message? Great content will make your customer feel like their problem or concern was properly answered. Furthermore, your goal when writing an article shouldn’t just be to impress people but also to move them into sharing with their peers.

Does the Content Need to Be Long?

The short and simple answer to this is ‘yes’. The more content your page has, the higher the chance Google will rank you higher. For starters, your writing should be at least 300 words to be acknowledged by Google. Better if you can manage a 1500-word article.

Make your Content Trackable in Search Engines

The next thing that you should work on is bringing targeted visitors to your site. How do you do that? By inserting keywords into your page. There’s no use of writing a 5000-word article when it attracts the wrong audience and doesn’t convert to any sale. Additionally, use your keywords sparingly. Using the same keyword over and over will make your article lose its relevance and end up being categorized as spam by Google.

Writing a well-made article with enough key phrases is very time-consuming, but when done right, it will all be worth it. The Internet will reward you for publishing good content.