Three Steps to Creating Good Content (When You’re Not a Professional Writer)

Woman writingSo, you’re a Colorado business owner and don’t really deem yourself qualified to write content for your own website, much less use SEO for your Denver-based digital property. Even if you are not a professional content writer or don’t really know much about SEO writing, you can totally create content that your client will enjoy reading and will bring the necessary traffic you need for your site. Take a quick look at the following tips to help you get started.

What’s your goal?

Before you begin writing, think about what you want to accomplish with your content and what topic you want to write about. For example, do you want your content to help strengthen your brand or simply introduce your business? Answering these questions beforehand will help you find it easier to create the content you want in a direction you want to go.

Use your own voice.​

One of the easiest and best ways to make people sit up and take notice of your writing is by using your own voice. What this means is writing in a way that feels most natural to you. Make readers feel you care about what you’re writing. Voice your opinion and don’t just mimic what others are saying about your chosen topic.

Just write first.​

After you have an idea of what you want to create, the next step is to simply write! When making your first draft, don’t edit yourself. Just let the words flow and worry about editing and keywords later. After you finish your draft, the editing part is when you need a sharper eye for details. Look for any misspellings, check your grammar, make sure your keywords are in place (not just stuffed everywhere!), and most importantly, make sure it gets the message you want across.

These three are just basic matters when it comes to writing. Take them to heart and practice, practice! Writing good content is all about showing you care and giving the effort to achieve that.