SMS Marketing 101: Top Ideas to Kick-start your Campaign

People using mobile phoneMobile usage has increased exponentially in the last decade, and will only continue to rise. Plenty of business owners are beginning to experience its effectiveness when it comes to marketing. If you haven’t already started marketing your business through mobile SMS, now’s the time to do so. To help you get started, below are some mobile SMS marketing ideas.

Register and Get an Exclusive Offer

You just can’t expect anyone to subscribe to your SMS list for nothing. It’s human nature for people to want to know that they’re getting something in return when doing something, so give them something they can’t resist—a sizeable discount, coupon code, or free item if you have the budget.

Happy Birthday Greetings and Then Some

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” more than an exclusive gift or discount. Not only will you increase brand loyalty, but you’ll also encourage traffic, whether in your physical or online store.

Text to Vote

Your top priority, aside from your business goals, is the needs and wants of your customers. Use mobile SMS marketing to ask for their input from time to time, especially when you’re planning on launching a new service or product. This is valuable research material because your data came directly from your existing customers.

Sign Up for a Special Store Event

If you have a physical store and regularly hold events, consider SMS advertising for preregistering. If your business is purely online, you could use SMS for announcing new product releases. You could also encourage your loyal subscribers to preorder or avail of your new offerings through SMS. Either way, this tactic produces a sense of exclusivity and urgency, which would, in turn, result in a higher level of engagement and interaction.

Follow Us or Like Us On Social Media

Integrate your social media campaign with your SMS marketing campaigns, because after all, advertising is all about creating a strong network of communication channels. When you encourage your SMS subscribers to engage with you online, you could build a stronger connection to them, even when they decide to unsubscribe to your SMS list.

While keeping up with SMS advertising could be tough, you must not focus all your resources on your website or app. As you could see from these SMS marketing ideas, they’re relatively easy to do and maintain. If you’re still not leveraging SMS for your mobile marketing strategy, you’re missing out on targeted exposure and increased sales.