How Can You Make Content Immersive?

Marketing TrendsIt is becoming more difficult to stand out, because everyone online is trying their best to publish original content and make their mark in their niche. One of the trends gaining traction is immersive experience. Pokémon Go’s popularity has paved the way for augmented reality and other similar forms of experiences online.

According to experts on SEO services in California, implementing certain practices will allow you to publish immersive content.


The experience you provide doesn’t have to be purely online, take it to the real world and link it to your social media endeavors. The Co-operative supermarket took this thought to the next level by encouraging their intended audience to experiment. Their team toured the UK’s major city centers and served mystery dishes. They gave passersby and commuters recipe boxes that contained various ingredients to make a certain dish at home. They also encouraged them to share what they made on social media with the hashtag #unpredictablesummer.

A 360 View

When someone clicks on your website, what do they see? Images and videos are still effective content to grab the attention. Add value and a different dimension to these by giving visitors a 360 view. This works well for companies that offer rooms or products that require different perspectives. Providing various views enables a visitor to experience what you offer.

Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go and other augmented reality apps combined the simple task of scrolling up or down a screen with the real world. Users walk around parks, cities or other places just to catch a rare Pokémon. This experiential dynamic captures the imagination of users and lets them enter a different world. This hooks a person and makes them want more.

Immersive content allows you to build a strong competitive advantage in today’s experience dominated marketplace. Adapting to new platforms and concepts enables you to broaden your reach and convert at a higher rate.