Commercial Landscaping for Your NYC Building

New York CityOffice work is reported by some to be a stifling activity. Perhaps this is why the dividers and cubicles of yesteryear’s offices are being increasingly replaced by more open, relaxing, and stimulating office environments.

Just take a look at Google headquarters all over the world. As much as the interior environment is important, however, the outside environment of your commercial building or commercial structure can also help workers unwind and relax.

NYC Landscaping

New York City, or NYC, may be predominantly characterized by lots of gray urban development, but you can actually add some color to your commercial structure by way of commercial landscaping. Commercial landscaping can not only benefit your workers, but also visitors and the community at large.

Reduced Heat and Pollution

Other benefits of commercial landscaping include the reduction of the “heat island” effect of turf grass. Turf grass is a natural heat and carbon sink; your structure heating and carbon footprint will be lower due to this. You are also contributing to the reduction of pollution in your community by encouraging commercial landscaping.

Contractor Services

Now, when you are interested in commercial landscaping, you have to look for a landscaping company and a landscape architect like MPFP, of course. To help you choose, you can make sure that the contractor offers the services you need, like maintenance and irrigation, among many others.

Work References

You can also choose a contractor based on its ability to offer sustainable solutions. Other factors you can consider include the qualifications of the company and references of the company’s work.

Healthy Landscape after Winter

Once you have your landscaping company and maintenance system in place, it’s best to regularly check up on your commercial landscaping. You can conduct a full assessment of the landscape after winter to find any damage. You can also check the irrigation system to make sure that it works properly. Also, you may want to remind your maintenance personnel to apply herbicide and to fertilize the soil.

Commercial landscaping may not be popular in NYC, but you can still enjoy and benefit from it in the Big Apple.