Social Media: Helping Pakistan’s Tourism Industry to Flourish

Social Media in LahoreConstantly checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat might be par for the course of your day. You are not alone. In fact, getting on social media is as common as breathing for many people these days. As often as you use them, however, not everyone is aware of how they are affecting Pakistan’s tourism sector.

While you are wondering about which mobile smartphone to get at your local phone shop for an optimal social media experience, consider how social media platforms and your use of it have broken down barriers between nations and opened the country’s doors to foreigners as well.

Means of Communication

Technology, no doubt, paved the way for instant communication across the globe. The internet, smartphones and social media, in particular, have opened the doors for connecting with people on the other side of the planet.

With one click, you can share your trip to White Palace Marghazar with the World Wide Web. Some strategic hashtags will bump it up the radar of the wanderlust generation. On the other hand, local social media trends are easily accessible anywhere there’s internet so other people can easily get a glimpse of the local culture. These things make people curious and make them want to see what else Pakistan has to offer.

Gateway for Business

Apart from making communication between people easier, social media also provides better opportunities for local businesses. Social media platforms are able to indirectly advertise products and lead to online shopping sites. With the lack of geographical boundaries, online shopping has steadily been rising as an important sales platform.

When products are accessible on the internet, the chances are higher that they will get attention both locally and internationally. International attention will lead foreigners to what local Pakistani businesses have to offer, which then leads to them wondering what other good things could be discovered in this part of the world.

As a means of communication and a gateway for business across the world, social media ultimately affects the tourism industry of Pakistan for the better.