Your Business Coach should Have these ‘Significant Other’ Characteristics

Business CoachThe characteristics of the right business coach for you are not very different from the characteristics you should look for in a significant other — both should be able to motivate you to be and do better as well as push you out of your comfort zone. A good business mentor, like a trusty partner in life, keeps you on track while you try to reach your goals.

Just like in a romantic set-up, you will only see the positive effects of your relationship if you work with the right business mentor. So, before you commit to business coach, take the time to see if they possess the following traits:


A business coach ensures you’re on track by giving you their blunt, unbiased opinion. Your coach understands you don’t know all the tricks of the trade yet, and they are there to help you figure them out. They will care about you and your business enough to also let you know when you are about to make an inadvisable business decision.

Chemistry with You

Find an experienced coach who understands your vision for the company. They should consider your goals and the nature of the business before creating plans for the company.

Stay away from mentors who impose one-dimensional solutions; when creating a game plan for your business, work with a mentor you can brainstorm with for ideas. Make sure the both of you can get into the smallest details, and that your ideas complement each other.

Goodwill towards You and Your Company

An ideal coach shows genuine interest towards you and your business’ success. They will guide you through the most difficult aspects of running a business as well as share the joys of success. Moreover, as effective leaders lead by example, count on them to demonstrate the right way to do something, as opposed to relaying the contents of a book you could simply read yourself.

A mentor is essential to your success as an entrepreneur the way a supportive partner can help you achieve more in life. You must remember, however, that your own brain and gut instinct are still your best assets. It would be brilliant to find a mentor who complements your skill sets, but never discount the power of your own abilities!