Copy These Brands to Succeed in Social Media

Social Media SuccessSocial media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become battlegrounds for brands jockeying for marketing position. They use all sorts of tactics to move up the totem pole and establish themselves as a brand their customers can trust and rely on to deliver what they want and need. Certain companies do it better than others; emulating their approach may get you the results you intend.

Under Armour

According to an experienced digital agency, your social campaign must be original to capture the imagination of those who see it. This keeps their attention and increases the possibility of a conversion. Under Armour is one of the leading brands in fitness, their products and first-rate media are unique and strategic. The brand has tapped into the niche of fitness apps; they created their own wherein their audience joins a community.

Their #IWILLWHATIWANT campaign included several strong women as its face. The first series had Giselle Bundchen communicating with tweets that fans made about the supermodel.

Taco Bell

The brand of your company plays an important role in content creation. Taco Bell is a perfect example of excellent execution when it comes to creating an authentic voice that connects with their audience. Their tactic is to provide accessibility to customers, which enables them to build and strengthen their credibility. They stopped using posed images and adapted quickly to Snapchat and other related platforms to stay relevant with a younger market base.


Starbucks is impossible to miss and their social campaigns are simply everywhere. The brand is one of the early adopters of using social media to reach their audience. The company doesn’t only use the platform to communicate with their customers. They have their own online portal, Starbucks Ideas, where their fans can suggest ideas they have for the brand.

Winning in social media is important to the success of your campaigns. The brands above have leveraged this platform successfully to grab the attention of their audience and increase conversion rates.