Being Fully Independent: Why Living Alone is Truly Great

Living Alone is Truly GreatA lot of people are choosing to live alone these days. Before you start to think that it’s probably the millennials, it might surprise you to find out that more millennials would rather stay at home with their parents until they’re 30 years old or older. The people who are choosing to live alone are mostly independent men and women who usually just want to do it.

Sure, there are many who are divorced or have broken up with their significant other, and there are also some widows and widowers with no children or with grown up children. But many of them are living alone not because they have no choice, but because, on the contrary, their choice is to live on their own.

The joys of living alone

Whether you’ve been through a relationship or not, there are joys to be found in living alone. You have almost unlimited privacy. Ever tried doing everything in your birthday suit? That’s possible only if you won’t be bothering anyone at home with the naked truth. You don’t have to pick up after a roommate or partner, and you don’t have to be bothered that someone else is picking up after you, which is both embarrassing and annoying. Living alone is a great opportunity to find out more about yourself, what you truly want or don’t want, and that self-awareness can serve you in the future when you’re checking for the mortgage rate in Towson with your new significant other and plans of settling down.

The practicality of living alone

Because you live alone, you only shop for one person whenever you hit the grocery. That means you don’t have to spend too much. It also means that you can buy the food and ingredients you want; no one can tell you which brand to choose or which food is “bad for you.” Although living alone is no excuse to neglect your health, at least you can enjoy what you want from time to time with nobody breathing down your shoulder. says it’s a joy to be alone in a place of your own, whether it’s a house or an apartment. While it is not for everyone, you should at least give some thought to being fully independent.