Not Just a Bedtime Story: The Relevance of Mythology Today

Learning Greek MythsIf there is a course that is still generally taught in this day and age, it has to be Greek mythology. The fascination towards the Greeks even surpassed real history as more movie makers and authors have always shown interest towards them. They might seem like obsolete stories, but these old tales helped how the modern generation perceives the world. It is essential that students go through Mythology & Folklore like what’s offered in to get to know the great storytellers like Sophocles and Aristotle.

But, what are Greek myths exactly?

Most people believe that Greek myths are just some heroic narratives of gods and goddesses roaming the earth while accomplishing a number of impossible tasks. They are tales of mortals handling the gods that would either end victoriously, in a bloody battle or turned into plants and animals. They are not only legends, but they are complete with warnings, philosophies and morals.

Greek mythology rarely depicts happy endings for they don’t serve as mere entertainment. These tales serve to provide people with an opportunity to view the Greek’s thought processes and how they lived their lives. shares that myths serve as answers to moral questions and they validate the present social system.

How essential are Greeks to the world today?

It probably is a rarely shared fact, but Greeks influenced the world more than people today are aware of. In the world of literature, performing arts and fine arts, Greeks brought an impact to these subjects one way or another. Greek myths were an important part of their ancient tradition for it was how they shared lessons from generation to generation in a non-boring way.

Should people still study Greek Myths?

Educators still teach Greek myths today so people can learn. Learning about a progressive culture like the Greeks show the modern world what Greeks thought were important back then, their views on the world and their morals. These tales have become a part of the modern and classic literature through symbols.

Learning Greek myths will teach people to control their actions and teach them real life lessons that people can still use today.