Pros and Cons of Comb Binding and Wire Binding

Printing and Binding Companies in MNThere has always been an argument as to which style of binding, comb or wire is better and you need to examine the finer points of each to make a decision. There is no doubt that both methods of document binding have their own pros and cons, so this article will look at some of them so you can know which will suit your needs. This should include factors like what the document is for, page length, budget, among others.

Printing and binding companies in MN use one or both of the following:

Comb Binding

This is a form of document binding where a plastic comb is placed through square holes punched in the document. The advantages of comb binding are that it is lightweight, extra pages can be added and it suits documents in A5, A4 and A3 sizes. The bound document lies flat and you can choose from various comb colors and sizes. Comb binding is the preferred choice for reports, manuals, sales reports, reference documents and more.

Wire Binding

Wire binding, which is also known as wiro binding, uses a circular wire to bind a document together. There are many advantages to this kind of binding and they include, lightweight, permanence and security, suits A5, A4 and A3 sizes, document lying flat and pages can be turned 360 degrees. In addition, wire binding can be done in various colors and sizes. This kind of binding is suited for sales proposals, reports, essays and assignments, reference documents and more.

In conclusion, wire binding is more professional looking, durable and offers more flexibility to the reader. In contrast, comb binding is more affordable and has the option of being updatable. All of this adds up to one thing, if cost is your consideration and you want the document to be updated in the future, comb binding is your option.