Corporate Event Planning: Making Your Event Great and Memorable

Event PlanningJust like any event, corporate function requires effective planning. You have to be extra meticulous about details because these seemingly petty factors can make or break your event. When planning, your goal is to make a night to remember. Focus on these elements as you huddle with your organising committee to create a successful, memorable event.


Guests always remember their food experience in corporate functions; they either like it or despise it. It is always a good idea to hold events incorporate function venues; Brisbane companies can take advantage of the special discounts or deals on food that come with the venue package. Often these venues also feature must-have amenities like full-service bars, which your guests will definitely enjoy.

Having a buffet style is ideal in corporate events and big venues. With plenty of food choices, the guests will be able to pick their favourites. The challenge with this style of food serving is catering tables tend to get messy by the end of the night; fortunately, when you are renting a venue, you can count on their staff to keep the place neat for the guests.

If you want other options, you may consider servings per table. This is particularly ideal for smaller crowds, as this is more visually entertaining as the waiters all come in files and serve the food.


A corporate function, especially parties, requires music and other forms of entertainment. With that in mind, you have to make sure that your venue offers the amenities and technologies you need. When looking for event centres, go for those that provide audio-visual technicians or DJs.

Depending on the event you are holding, hire the services of someone who can play the right kind of ambient music to suit the occasion. Depending on your theme and the vibe you’re creating, be extra picky with the songs you play.


Often, the company just picks out one of the bosses or managers to host the events. This may be a good thing since the person is an insider and knows how things work in the company.

The challenge here is, of course not all executives are good hosts. It takes mastery in communication skills—and a bit of humour—to nail hosting.

Getting a third party host would be the better option if this is the case. Just be sure to involve them in planning the program so they are well-informed about what needs to be done.

Remember these make-or-break factors when planning your corporate event; make yours a successful one!