Visual Merchandising: How Can You Sell Your Products?

HeadphonesWhen you own a store, you need to fight to get attention and improve sales. You may have problems selling a product or feel like getting rid of some old items, but worry about the investment you’ve put in them. Here are a few things to try to make items more attractive to customers.


In the realm of shopping and marketing, placement is everything. If you want people to know your shop, find a place where there’s a lot of foot traffic and where people need the products you sell. If you want people to see the best products immediately, place them in your sight line. Experts call it the bull’s-eye zone.

Colour and Lighting

In most stores, the items people buy are the ones that get promoted the most. Give attention to the products you want to sell by using visual merchandising—choose bright lighting and colours on the shelving. For edible goods, studies show that red, orange and yellow induce hunger and create a natural impulse to buy food. Think about some of the most popular fast food chains and their dominant colours.

Special Offers

Customers are always on the hunt for bargains and sales. Instead of impulsively getting rid of items that do not sell well, consider putting them in the discounted items corner or offer them with a more popular item at a bundled price. Consult your marketing and finance specialists and get them to come up with a “buy one, get so and so” package during holidays and events.

Hopefully, these tips will give you a few fresh ideas to make people notice your products. Remember, all publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name (or in this case, your products’ names) right.