4 Shades of Productivity: Colours to Use in the Office

Even the best employees will not thriveOffice in environments that limit their potential. No matter the talent and expertise of your team, an office’s design impacts performance. This is why, according to painting experts, you should pay attention to the colour and shade you choose.

In Perth, painting companies ensure quality application and a lasting appeal. They can also recommend colours that improve mood and productivity. Using the following colours in the office or home can help.

Calming blue

Entrepreneur explains that people can be managed depending on their temperament—and colour. “Blue” people thrive as natural communicators. For the walls of the room, blue also encourages communication and collaboration.

According to studies, combining blue with subtle shades of red helps workers be more productive. Use shades of blue for the walls and red accents or furniture to stimulate creativity.

Creative red

Shades of red may be too bright on the walls, but they look good as accents in meeting and planning rooms. The stimulating colour impacts a person’s creativity and makes them feel more cooperative. Use red shades in moderation, however, since it can be distracting.

Optimistic yellow

Yellow appeals to the emotions: it embodies fun, happiness and optimism. That is, if you choose the right shade. Subtle yellow tones can do wonders in improving concentration, but extremely bright yellow can cause anxiety. Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators recommends that before choosing a specific shade, ask for advice from painting experts.

Light tones

Employers select light colours to maximise the space, but the wrong shade might give the office a hospital-like ambiance. To get the right shade, think about the lighting and finishing. Combine light shades with accent colours to get better results.

As the employer, do your best to encourage your employees to perform well. Offer rewards for good performance and, most importantly, give them a place where they will feel motivated to work.