Paper or Broadcast? How Print Ads Differ from TV Ads

NewsweekDigital marketing strategies are popular nowadays. But traditional methods remain a practical choice for some, particularly print and TV. More people may be into social media now, but print and TV are still as effective in sending out your messages as before.

TV and magazine or newspaper advertisements have their own strengths and weaknesses, which mainly depends on your business type and target audience. Using both media for promotion is ideal. But if you have to choose only one, it is better to consider a few factors to know what is right for your business.

Preferring a More Efficient Speed

Time efficiency and timeliness are two important things in advertising. With TV ads, it will take longer to produce and air a commercial. With print ads, meanwhile, it takes less time to provide texts or images for promotion. You can also change the ads in newspapers and magazines more quickly and easily compared to TV. Plus, TV ads have limited air time and people have to read everything in seconds, unlike print ads.

Targeting the Right Audience

People are focused on your TV ads because it is the only thing flashed on screen when aired. Print ads, on the other hand, cater more to your target audience as you can place it in the section where it is most related. In magazines, though, you probably do not have a choice on which page to put up the promotion, unless you want to pay a premium for the best pages. Ads are more efficient in print; you have the opportunity to go directly to your target audience.

Calculating the Total Expenses

The cost on advertisements widely differs in a lot of aspects. For print ads, it depends on the size or column inch and location; while for TV ads, it is more about how much airtime you will use and on what time of day. Print ads are more practical for small businesses because it requires less production costs.

Advertising is essential to businesses, whether it is pitching services or promoting products. This helps a brand to gain popularity and drive customers to the business. You just have to find the right medium.